Hi, my name is Carson Seese. I am an 19 year-old Christian, technology enthusiast, homelabber, and student. Here is a brief summary of my background...


Current student at the Pennsylvania College of Technology (2018-22) studying Information Assurance and Cybersecurity. Previous to my education at Penn Tech, I received my CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications and I attended the Franklin County Career and Technology Center (FCCTC) for Information Systems Technology (2016-18). While at the FCCTC my studies consisting of CompTIA A+, Network+, and Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching and I had hands-on experience with computer troubleshooting and repair, structured cabling installation, enterprise network configuration and troubleshooting, and team work.

Work Experience

During my Junior and Senior years (2017-18) of high-school, I worked two summers (13 months) at the FCCTC in their IT Department. The following is a list of some of the tasks I preformed and systems I have experience with:

  • Help Desk Operation (osTicket)
  • Structured Cabling Installation (RJ-45 male/female termination, modular patch panel installation, wall-jack installation)
  • IP Camera Installation and Configuration (Axis unidirectional and 360-degree cameras)
  • NVR Configuration (ExacqVision)
  • IDF Switch Installation and Configuration (Cisco and D-Link, both CLI and Web GUI)
  • VoIP Phone Installation (ShorTel)
  • Full Campus Wi-Fi Upgrade (Ruckus R710 APs and Rucks ZoneDirector 1200 Controller)
  • Windows 10 Installation and Configuration (300+ Student Use 2-in-1 Laptops)
  • Basic Print Server Management (Windows Server 2016)
  • Network Monitoring Configuration (Grafana and LibreNMS)
  • Retired Old Servers (Lenovo ThinkServer, Dell PowerEdge. Wiping of Disks, Re-Creation of RAID Array, Re-Installation of Windows Server)

Student Clubs and Organizations

I was a member of SkillsUSA Pennsylvania during high-school and placed 1st at my district event for Internetworking (2018). I am also a member of the National Technical Honors Society and am a FIRST Robotics Alum of FRC Team Biohazard 4050.

FIRST Robotics Competition Team Biohazard 4050

Giving a presentation about robotics and design to a group of students

While on FRC Team Biohazard 4050, I held many different roles over the ~5 years I was a member:

  • Software Development Lead: 2014-18
  • Media Lead: 2016-17
  • Student Officer: 2017-18
  • Team Captain: 2018

As part of these roles, I saw the team grow from less than 15 total students in 2013 to well over 30 at the end of 2018. During this time, I had an opportunities to expand my public speaking ability, develop teamwork and interpersonal communication skills, learn how to work under pressure, and understand the right and wrong ways to handle decision making in an organization.


Top of my rack, showing my Dell core switch, Cisco gear, and part of the htop readout from my Proxmox box

An ongoing project of mine is my Homelab for experimentation and learning about networking, server administration, Linux, Windows Server, and more. I will have a longer dedicated post about what I am running in my lab, however here is some of the breakdown:


  • Proxmox (Hypervisor running on Dell R710)
  • Windows Server 2016 (One virtualized server running under Proxmox and one headless physical server for redundancy. DNS, Active Directory, Network Policy Server for RADIUS Authentication, LDAP, TFTP and FTP Server)
  • Nginx Web Server (Reverse Proxy for all Web applications)
  • Docker (Using Portainer web-interface for management)
  • Pi-Hole (Upstream DNS for Ad-Block)
  • OpenVPN (Remote Access)
  • ZeroTier (Virtualized Network)
  • LibreNMS (Network Monitoring)
  • Grafana, InfluxDB, and Telegraf (Network monitoring and data collection)
  • Cloudflare (External domain protection, Geo-Blocking, web caching, SSL)
  • Fail2Ban (Implemented on SSH portal to prevent brute force attacks)
  • 3CX, FreePBX, and Asterisk (Experimentation with self-hosted VoIP solutions)
  • GitLab (Self-hosted Git repository solution)
  • Ghost CMS (This blog)


  • Dell PowerConnect 5524 (Core switch)
  • Cisco Catalyst 2900XL (Experimentation switch)
  • Cisco 2611 Router (Experimentation router)
  • Some Intel Atom-based media player (Backup Windows Server 2016 Core box; Running DNS and Active Directory)
  • Dell PowerEdge R710 Server (2x Intel Xeon L5630s (4C/8T, 2.13GHz), 64GB DDR3 RAM. Running Proxmox VE)
  • Mid Atlantic Rack 48U Rack (Only have rails on the front.. need to get 2 sets of square-hole rails).

Like I mentioned above, expect updated posts of what is in my lab and what I'm doing with it all. If you happen to have or know where to get old networking and server equipment for a good price or free.. let me know! I'm always looking for more stuff to add!

So that's it, just a little bit about me... Hope you enjoy my loosely structured posts, and feel free to get in touch with me at: [email protected]